About Us

We’re the best in the business of Coal Trading.

Back in 1998 when the company was started, the founding management had a vision of making available the under utilized Coal resources of Eastern India to the Brick Kiln Industry of Northern India. Through their leadership and hardwork, the company was able to materialize that vision notwithstanding the various obstacle of exporting coal through 5 large states of India at a time when business rules were not that liberal. Under their management the company witnessed exponential growth and today does a multi-million business every year.


Newer Commitments

At present we are planning to give more stress to the imports of a newer variety of coal and high GCV coal from other countries so that we are in a position to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our esteemed customers. Our Future Plans are closely knitted with the demands of our customers. So if you are a prospective buyer, looking for a variety of coal that may or may not is listed in our inventory, then give us a call.


A Little More About Us

Our Motto

We Plan, We Strive, We Achieve. This motto has been followed by the company since its inception and has been key to its success.


Our vision

Our vision has always been to welcome change. We at Anmol understand that nothing is constant and have always had a dynamic approach to our work. Our quick shift to foreign coal to keep up with increasing demands nationwide was one of the key moves that highlight this aspect of our behaviour.


Our Growth

The company has moved ahead of leaps and bounds. Once a domestic coal trader, the company today is known for its Bulky imports of coal from overseas and steel-grade coal procured from Coal India Limited. This growth is a result of strict adherence to Industry and Quality Standards. The top-notch quality of our products, sincerity, and dedication of company staff, and the ethical foundation laid by the top management have enabled the company to garner strong ties and reputation in the market.


Experienced Management Team

Anmol India leads by Shri Vijay Goyal who is having 37 years of experience in the Coal Industry. Recently, his son Mr. Chakshu Goyal, an ISB Alumnus, has also joined as a board of directors and since then launched various digital initiatives to steer the growth of the company.

Why Choose Us?


At Anmol India, we take pride in delivering your ordered stock on time and in solid condition. As a customer you can rely on us. Our spacious distributed warehouses cater to immediate demands. To make your life easier we provide different mode of sales so that you can suit yourself better.

Quality Tested

All our stock is quality tested before being put on sale. This test is conducted by an independent inspection body. Quality is given the foremost priority and test report of the stock is available on request. We even encourage clients to quality test the stock once it has reached their site.

Trusted Source of Procurement

Anmol India Procures Coal Directly from Miners and Government in huge amounts. Our procurement sources are top notch and basically are among the topmost exporters of the world. This is another reason for the high quality of our products.

Customer Relations

It cannot be stressed enough, how concerned we are about customer satisfaction. Anmol India has always been a customer-friendly firm. Many times we have gone out of the way to fulfill immediate customer demands. Be it immediate demand or demand of product out of stock we always try to put the best foot forward

Best Price

Since the firm is a direct supplier, you can rest assured that you are not paying any additional price. Buying from direct suppliers gives you the advantage of getting very nominal and competitive rates. Moreover, our company has a strong reputation of providing the best price quoatation.

Vast Sales Network

In India, we have a devoted, well-knitted, team of experienced Salesman stationed at almost every Hook and Corner of the area of operation in Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Now we are expanding our sales into southern and South-Eastern India as well so that we more accessible to our clients.

Our Testimonials

We are procuring coal from Anmol India since 2005 and we must say Mr. Vijay Goyal is a gem of a person in the area of coal dealing.

Ranjan Shah, Coal Trader

Our Presence in India

In India we have a devoted, well knitted, team of experienced Salesman stationed at almost every nook and Corner of area of operation in Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Now we are expanding our sales into Southern and South Eastern India as well, so that we more accessible to our clients.







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