USA Low GCV Coal

USA low GCV coal

Anmol India Ltd is a renown name in Coal import and supply industry. Its phenomenol growth, since its inception has made it a trusted brand among clients located in over 100 different areas in India. Initially Serving Brick Kiln Industry and Coal traders, today the company caters to the demand of over half a dozen different types of Industries and trades both in Coal and Pet Coke. Doing a multi-billion INR business every year, Anmol’s sales operations cover almost half of India.

The Specifications For US Low GCV Coal Are As Below:

Characteristics Typical Value ASTM Method ISO Standard
Total Moisture, wt% 6 to 8 % D4931-06 ISO 589-08
Sulphur, Air Dry basis % 4 to 6.5 % D4239-08 ISO 19579-06
HGI 50 to 70 D409-09 ISO 5074-94
Ash content, wt % 0.1 to 1 % D4422-08 ISO 8005-05
Volatile Matter, VCM, wt% 9 % to 13 % D6374-09 ISO 9406-95
Bulk Density, lb/ft3 45-55 D291-07 (method A)* ISO 23499-08*
Nitrogen, wt% 1.7-2.5 % D5373-08 ISO/TS 12902-01
Nickel + Vanadium, ppmw
< 800
ISO 14435-05
Gross Calorific Value HCV, kcal/kg 8300 – 8500 D5865-07 ISO 1928-09
Fixed Carbon 85-90 D3172-07* ISO 17246-05*
Sizing Distribution 0x50 mm D5709-05 ISO 1953-94
Shot (%) 0-80 In-house method In-house method