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Due to the High Volume of Buying And Selling every day, the data presented here are approximate only. This list is not exhaustive and we have stock of other coal quality as well. Please contact us for exact information.


We are procuring coal from Anmol India since 2005 and we must say Mr. Vijay Goyal is a gem of a person in the area of coal dealing.

Ranjan Shah, Coal Trader

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What does Anmol India do?

Established in 1998, Anmol India Ltd is a renowned name in Coal import and supply industry. Its phenomenal growth, since its inception has made it a trusted brand among clients located in over 100 different areas in India. Initially Serving Brick Kiln Industry and Coal traders, today the company caters to the demand of over half a dozen different types of Industries and trades both in Coal and Pet Coke. Anmol India Ltd is also a listed company on BSE-SME Stock Exchange Platform.

What products do you specialize in?

Anmol India is a leading supplier of High GCV coal, USA coal, Indonesian coal, Saudi Pet Coke and USA Pet Coke. The entire products are quality tested by an independent body. Anmol India takes pride in their record of providing clients with quality stock and on time delivery.

Whom should I contact for my queries?

If you have any query related to buying coal, please drop an email at [email protected] or Whatsapp at 9878076554.

How to get the delivery of order?

The delivery of coal as per requirement can be provided by three ways. a) Via Sea – Purchase Coal while it’s still in the process of being imported. This process involves less paperwork and early ownership of stock results in reduced cost for the buyer. b) Via Rail – The Company also uses Rail to deliver the coal to its customers. This mode is subject to availability and company policy. c) Via Road- Under this mode coal is delivered through trucks and trolley. For Immediate demands this is the best mode of purchase.

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